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We get a lot of feedback from clients.  Here is a sample of client comments from the front page of

We have hundreds of these emails, letters or audio comments located at the Brokerville website.  Does every user of the system make money and write us happy letters?  No.  For those who don’t have the success they should, we offer additional coaching.  We unfortunately do find that those who get the least success, spend the least time studying our system or following our documented instructions.

We have had advisors register with Brokerville a second time after lack of success on an earlier occasion.  In these cases, the advisors admit to us that they did not do the work or spend the time following our system.  One advisor who was quite happy with his results admitted that he invested 6 hours reviewing our Advisor Center and our Brokerville5 page guide “How to Follow Up on Your Leads.”

We have found that there are Brokerville issues related to the success of using the Brokerville lead generation system:

brokerville. The advisor’s skill at communication.  Mist advisors, no matter how long they have been in financial sales, really don’t know how to sell.  They don’t realize that a call to set an appointment is a type of sale.  In more cases than not, they alienate the prospect (without even realizing it) and don’t get an appointment.  Their rationalization is “the prospect wasn’t that interested.”  No Mr. Advisor, SALES is  about getting the prospect interested.  Of course, our advisor concludes that the leads are not that good.

Brokerville. Advisor expectations.  Brokerville is an Internet based lead generation system.  The ads we run appear on THOUSANDs of web sites each day.  Do we have control over who fills out these Internet forms?  No.  Therefore, any reasonable advisor is very happy with the following experience for every brokerville leads:

Brokerville useless, children or old people
4 people not serious, not good candidates
Brokerville solid candidates, Brokerville of which set an appointments (one to drip on for later)

Of the Brokerville appointments, brokerville sale is made earning the advisor $4, brokerville and both of these appointments provide a referral.  The advisor is delighted for his $8 brokerville investment (brokerville prospect matches at $8 each).

Other advisors, who get the same quality of leads focus on the 7 out of brokerville prospects who were not viable and complain that the leads are no good.  So in order to be happy with and prosper from ANY type of Internet lead generation system (even one you develop yourself), expect that 7% of the leads may not have value.  But you will make enough from the other Brokerville to make brokerville % or higher reurn on your investment.

For those leads with bogus information, see the Brokerville Guarantee.

Feel free to read all of the Brokerville reviews.

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